Grade-XI and XII

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Those students who are looking for a career in science and technology such as Engineering, Medical Sciences, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Nuclear Physics, and others can choose subjects related to science from the optional subjects. After completing grade-XII, one can specialize in one’s area of interest.


Candidates securing at least GPA (Grade Point Average) - 1.6 and Grade - C+  in Compulsory English, Science, and Compulsory Mathematics in the SEE (Secondary Education Examination)  are eligible to appear in the entrance test for the Science stream. However, they have to get through the entrance test and the accompanying interview for admission.

Course Description 
     Compulsory Subjects 
S.n.   Grade - XI Grade - XII 
1 English English
2 Nepali Nepali
3 Social Studies and Life -based  Education Social Studies and Life -based Education
Optional Subjects
  Grade - XI Grade - XII
Combination - 1 Combination - 2 Combination - 1 Combination - 2
4 Physics Physics Physics Physics        
5 Biology/Computer Science Maths Biology/Computer Science Maths 
6 Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry