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Discipline is the key to success. We believe in self imposed discipline and thus we try to create such kind of culture at school. It is the duty of every teacher to instil discipline in students. Apart from sincere effort, school has to take some action against the students who try to violate the rules and regulations of school. In case of violation of the codes of conduct, the matter is first handled by the coordinator of the concerning level. The very first step is to provide counseling to the student who makes the mistake. The next step is to get confession / apology letter in written, inform the guardians and to give him last warning. The matter is looked into by the Principal and dealt with accordingly if the case is of serious nature. One may be suspended or even expelled if the continuation of any student in the school spoils the harmony of school atmosphere.

Turn-Out Rules

Uniform is necessary to bring uniformity among all the students. Students in a school come from different families having different economical background. There may be superiority or inferiority complex if they are allowed to attire as they desire. Moreover, that would distract the students. Students must turn out in the uniform prescribed. Any odd looking style of hair /dress/ shoes is strictly prohibited. Girls must wear their hairs in two pigtails. They are not allowed to wear ornaments except a pair of simple ear-rings. Use of nail polish or mehendi is not allowed. One who violates the rules of turnout are not allowed to enter the school premises.


In order to learn at school maximum presence is required. Absence without prior permission or without any reason is discouraged. Long leave is not granted except in case of serious illness or any other case that the school considers as genuine and reasonable. Application, signed by the guardian, should be sent to the class teacher for the absence.


Student, showing any kind of activity at school that tarnishes the image of school and if his/her continuation at school affects negatively, may be expelled from the school.