Grade-XI and XII

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Being a student of Management stream, one becomes liable for the career-related to Banking and financial sectors. We focus on need-based education imparted through class presentation and interaction. We instill in students increase the leadership quality highly valued in global marketing.


SEE (Secondary Education Examination) with GPA (Grade Point Average) -1.6 is required to apply for the stream of Management. However, the candidates have to get through the entrance test and the accompanying interview for admission.

Course Description
Compulsory Subjects
S/N Grade - XI Grade - XII
1 English English
2 Nepali Accountancy
3 Social Studies and Life-Based Education  Social Studies and Life-Based Education
Optional Subjects
  Grade- XI Grade-XII
Combination - 1 Combination - 2 Combination - 1 Combination - 2
4 Accountings Accountings Accountings Accountings
5 Economics / Marketing Economics Economics / Marketing Economics
6 Hotel Management Finance / Computer Hotel Management Finance / Computer