For any Institution to function smoothly there is the necessity to have a set of guidelines and rules and regulations which will form the framework within which we work. We request Parents and Guardians to kindly read the following rules and regulations for your own information and future reference. We further urge you to encourage your ward to comply with the same.

  1. Enrolment in SEBSS is made on the condition that the students and parents will willingly comply with all the rules and regulations of the school, which are clearly indicated in the prospectus/form issued at the time of application. We request the parents to kindly go through the rules and co-operate and support in implementing the same.

  2. Parents may meet the School Authorities with prior appointment. Time will be given but in case the official is tied up with some urgent matter we request your patience.

  3. The ancillary staff deserves to be treated with dignity, so kindly be polite to them.

  4. Parents are requested to ensure that the students undergo regular supervised revision at home and that their wards are regular in attendance. We expect parents not to indulge their wards by extending holidays without an emergent and compelling reason. Even in such a case we request you to kindly give due information to the concerned in-charge at the earliest convenience. Hostel students are to be dropped in the school within the scheduled date and time.

  5. Parents are requested not to permit their wards to wear any jewelry or an expensive watch etc. The School shall not be responsible in case of loss of such articles. Mobile phones and electronic gadgets as well as magazines or periodicals are not to be brought or else they will be confiscated.

  6. Parents are also requested to ensure that the student leaves home in proper neat and tidy prescribed uniform and shoes. Fancy hairdo, make up or shabby clothing or disheveled hair, will not be permitted.

  7. Any change in phone number/ mobile number, business or residential address must be informed to the school as soon as such changes are made.

  8. The school will not be held liable for any damages on account of accidents which may occur during activities or excursions. The school can only assure that every precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of the students.

  9. Please do not give your ward/s large sums of money. Money may only be brought to buy lunch or stationery items or bus tags and ID cards. For Boarders the stationery items or other articles will be provided and billed.

  10. Please also ensure the following:
    • That all details including names of authorized local guardian/s and required specimen signatures are duly filled in along with other data in the appropriate pages of the school diary.

    • That the school diary, which is an effective means of communication ,is checked and signed regularly to see the Home work, and remarks from the teacher and any appreciation or complaints.

    • That engaging teachers for remedial classes may be done after consulting the school authorities.

    • That you follow up on your wards performance and also attend parent –teacher meetings or school functions. You can also meet the concerned subject teacher with prior appointment, to discuss your child’s progress.