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Any student, enrolled in the school, can join the hostel as a boarder only in case of vacancy. There are two separate buildings for boys and girls with all amenities. There are separate dormitories for the boarders of different age group. Every boarder is provided with a single bed and a cupboard with sufficient space. Assistant hostel warden/ Matron have their cabins in the dormitory so that they may always be available to the students to ensure their safety and comfort. Assistant wardens and the Matrons are helped by many experienced ancillary staff. Small children are given special care. They are helped bathing; getting dressed, accompanying to toilets and wearing their hair etc.

Coaching Classes

Boarders are given extra coaching classes in the morning and in the evening. There are two periods in the morning and two in the evening. Teachers who guide them are from this school only. Boarders, very weak at studies, are taken special care of.


Menu, which has been prepared taking into account the nutrient value and the liking of the students, is followed. There may be some alteration at regular interval to avoid monotonous diet. Special cook prepares both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Boarders are provided with three major meals with daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to it, they are provided with tea and refreshment during recess and school hours. There are separate dining halls for the girls and the boys where all the boarders can dine at a time. The food is served under the supervision of the Hostel Warden/ Assistant Hostel Warden and the Matron. Every boarder has to follow the table manners.


There is a big play ground where children can play outdoor games. Children interested in indoor games are provided with carom board, chess board, chinese checker, ludo and table tennis board. Children can watch TV in their free time. They are shown selected movies on DVD. Other than this they are taken on picnic once a year.

Health Care

Boarders are promptly taken to the hospital for any kind of illness. After that if it is minor ailment, the child is kept in the school infirmary where he/she gets proper care. But if it is serious illness, the guardians are informed

Hostel Regulation

Visiting Day

Boarders can be visited only by the persons authorized by the guardians on Saturday, the visiting day. Nobody else can visit the boarders without their guardian's consent. Visitors need to take permission from the Hostel Warden before they meet their ward/s.

Calling Hours

Guardians are requested not to give telephone calls frequently. Telephone calls will be entertained only on holidays between 09:30 hrs and 12:00 hrs in the morning and 16:00 hrs and 18:00 hrs in the evening. Emergency calls are exception.

Pocket Money

Pocket money, not exceeding Rs.200/- per month, is allowed. The pocket money should be deposited to the Hostel Warden who will provide it to the student when required. School will not be responsible if any boarder loses any money.


Keeping any ornament other than a pair of ear rings is prohibited. Keeping mobile, camera, i-pod, transistors, music system etc is prohibited. Keeping/ eating junk foods is prohibited.

Home Leave

Boarders may be taken home on last Friday of every month. However, it is not compulsory. Besides this, boarders may be taken home on some Festival Holidays. Boarders will leave for home only with the person authorized by the guardians. Boarders must report back in time.