About Us

Dr. Ruchi Shrestha

Siddhartha English Boarding School is a beautiful place where I gained plenty of knowledge more than 20 years back. Because of the strong foundation the school gave me I am a successful doctor today, in the field of ophthalmology. Thanks to all my teacher

Dr. Surendra Sapkota

It is rightly said, “Education is the foundation upon which we build our future”. Great academic atmosphere, motivating teachers and ECAs of my school have helped me build a strong foundation and pave my way towards becoming a doctor. I am always indebted to my school. Life lessons learnt and moments cherished in my alma mater are engraved in my mind and heart forever.

Er. Rakshya Shrestha (Ph.D)

It has been twenty years that I left school. Over these years, the tremendous progress the school has made and the outstanding performances show cased every year would not have been possible without a group of dedicated team-members who go extra mile in helping the students and creating a positive learning environment. I am a proud ex-Siddharthian! I wish every child could attend a school like this.”

Major Jhapendra Chaudhary

“SEBSS is an institution which not only provides fishes but also teaches children & students (who are the future of Nation) how to fish.” The Board Members, Teachers, Staffs and Students of SEBSS make a joint family which is functioning as a single unit. It has been playing vital role in order to enhance the children’s behavior and to shape them to a responsible citizens, no matter whichever field they are in. “I really ‘SALUTE ’ the Teachers of SEBSS ...….with regards